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  • Leadership



    We offer tools to create a listening, learning and lasting leadership style that will help leaders to create successful, strong and strategic driven organizations.

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    We will show you how to improve your leadership skills and improve your leadership influence.

  • Marriage


    Solid Marriages

    We offer workshops/seminars/printed material and weekend encounters based on Biblical principles that enlighten, encourage and establish a strong, secure and solid marriage relationship.

    Marriage Seminar Offerings
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    We work with our clients to overcome the hurdles that keep them from enjoying their marriage relationship.

  • Radio Broadcast


    Join Us!

    Join us each Monday at 5:00pm (CST) for Marriage Mondays on radio station KGGR based in Dallas, Texas. We share Biblical principles that enlighten, encourage and establish a strong, secure and solid marriage relationship.

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    We share Biblical nuggets on marriage, real life examples and humorous insights on how to enjoy a successful Christian marriage.

  • Fathers and Daughters


    Father/Daughter Relationships

    We provide Fathers with insight, understanding and examples of how to create healthy relationship with their daughter(s).

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    What impact does a Father have when it comes to instilling self-confidence and strong values in the life of his daughter?

  • Who Are We



    Dave Jenkins, Jr. Dave Jenkins, Jr.

    Dave has a great desire to see others do well. He is known for helping individuals and organizations move to the next level. Dave is...

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    Our products offerings include seminars, consulting, coaching, e-books and other material that support you in reaching your goals.

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